Jonas Brothers are Back with “Sucker”

By: Zessa Ghaisani |

The Jonas Brothers, consisting of the three brothers, Kevin, Joe, and Nick, made a surprise comeback with the release of their latest single, “Sucker”, after 6 years of hiatus and hiding the secret of their comeback for months. The band is known for their catchy hits like “S.O.S.”, “Burnin’ Up”, “Pom Poms”, and their last song before their hiatus, “First Time”.

Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas were teenage heartthrobs at that time, with screaming fangirls fulfilling their concert arenas and sold out merch and albums everywhere, and (almost) everybody knew the lyrics to their 2007 hit “S.O.S.”. It is no doubt that their disbandment news in 2013 following their cancelled tour was a heartbreaking news for Team Jonas a.k.a. their fans. And after their sudden comeback news, they’ve made their name trended everywhere worldwide–proving that their fans are still out there anticipating them.

Speaking of their latest single, “Sucker” is a pop-funk song, written by the three brothers along with Ryan Tedder–who also produced the song. With catchy lines like “I’m a sucker for you”, they presented a whole upgraded version of “Burnin’ Up”–minus Big Rob of course. Nick and Joe’s vocal harmonizations on the second part of the pre-chorus are the highlight of the song. The clap sound effects are also pretty catchy, making it easy for the song to be listened to.

The music video was as catchy as the song. Featuring their respective partners–Danielle Seleasa Jonas, Sophie Turner, and Priyanka Chopra Jonas, the music video takes us back to their “Burnin’ Up” year. It’s set in a fancy castle where the Jonas Brothers perform “Sucker” alongside their partners’ crazy antics that the brothers will still accept nonetheless, perfectly reflecting the lyrics “I’m a sucker for you, say the word and I’ll follow anywhere blindly”.

I personally love this song for its funky beats, catchy lyrics, and great visuals (on the mv and single art!). A great comeback single for a band who’s had a break for 6 years. Good for their old fans, and also a great start to attract new fans as well.

Overall score : 8.3 out of 10

Listen to the song on Spotify and watch the MV on YouTube.

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