Review: CZARFACE Meets Ghostface

By: Alvindra |

Hip Hop supergroup CZARFACE (7L, Esoteric, Inspectah Deck) released their sixth album, CZARFACE Meets Ghostface. There have been doubts surrounding this new joint since CZARFACE’s last project with MF DOOM, which didn’t go that well. However, many people also anticipated the collaboration of two Wu-Tang Clan members, Inspectah Doom and Ghostface Killah.

The album opens with “Macho Man” Randy Savage impersonation introducing CZARFACE and Ghostface to the listener with pro wrestling tropes. The use of pop culture references, such as music, pro wrestling, film, cartoon, American sports, and comics is very visible in this album. Lyrics like “Flow customized, got that Dapper Dan touch | CZAR-lam’s own, steppin’ out my zone, bone collector | Eso’, Tony Starks, the Inspectah | Welcome to my ‘liseum, prep for the lecture.” in “Face Off”, “Style wild, like a tantrum from Anakin’s grandson | I call the shots like I’m shootin’ with a Stan Van Gun’ (You know what I am?)” in “Iron Claw”, and “Excelsior like a painting Stan Lee blessed | Soundcloud rappers all can take your last deep breath | Rappers got no arms like a motherfuckin’ ski mask” in “Listen to the Color” are used by both Esoteric, Inspectah Deck, and Ghostface to explore many random topics while still keeping it on a surface level.

Unlike their previous album with MF DOOM, CZARFACE’s newest is much more enjoyable. Both Esoteric, Inspectah Deck, and Ghostface Killah are on their A game, which results in many awesome wordplays and bars. The Funk Rock influenced Boom Bap Rap productions by 7L are consistently getting better from song to song, and although might sound a bit repetitive, are very solid regardless. The sound is very nostalgic, and it can take some of us to the memories of our favorite Wu-Tang tracks. The only musical feature in the album, Kendra Morris, played her role well in filling the vocals for “Morning Ritual” and “The King Heard Voices”. Best tracks in the album include “Iron Claw”, “Powers and Stuff”, “Super Soldier Serum”, and “The King Heard Voices”. Overall, CZARFACE Meets Ghostface is a very fun and enjoyable nostalgic joint that I believe many would enjoy.

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