Review: [X X] by LOONA

By: Zessa Ghaisani |

South Korean girl group LOONA, stylised as LOOΠΔ
is back with a new bang this year. Initially a repackaged version of their previous EP [+ +], the EP has been long awaited since the first teaser was revealed in October 2018.

The full album was released following the “Butterfly” music video, which represents the diversity of women’s beauty. The song itself is an electronic pop song with a chill intro and smooth vocals delivered by all the members. The high pitched falsetto in the chorus is very much fitted to the song. The synth break in the middle of the chorus and the bass drops are my favorite part of the background instrumental. When you watch the actual MV, it was also aesthetically pleasing – you’ll feel serene from watching the MV. (Watch the MV here)

“Satellite” is one of the best tracks in the EP. The intro itself is very simple and dreamy, and we’ll be taken deeper to their ‘dreamy world’ when we finally reach the chorus. The rap part comes, brought by Jinsoul which eventually is joined by Hyunjin, and is later joined by sweet vocals that continue on when the song hits its bridge. The next track, “Curiosity” is a pop song with EDM influences and flattening synthesizers in the chorus of the song, which is accompanied by sweet vocals from the group’s vocalists.

After the chilly & dreamy vibes from the first few tracks, the listeners are taken to a tempo-shifting track, “Colors”. The soft intro and layered background vocal harmonies at the hook and chorus made the song sound beautiful. We come to a more upbeat atmosphere when we get to the bridge, with accelerated drums and synths – lovely. “Where You At” is kind of ballad-ish. The song is very well produced, and once again the layered vocals sound very well fitted in the pre-chorus.

A song that will probably be forgotten is the intro, “X X”, which technically is a electro pop instrumental track, starting with a fading synth in the beginning. And the beats and synth turn more aggressive as the song progresses.

The next 6 tracks will be the song from their EP, “[+ +]”, which will be better if I write the review of the EP and post about it here later on 🤧.

Overall, “[x x]” delivers a chilly vibe with its dreamy electronic sound, heavily layered vocals and playful synthesizers. And since I’m not familiar enough with the group, maybe it’s time for me to get to know LOONA after this 😅.

Overall rating : 9 out of 10
Favorite tracks : “Satellite”, “Butterfly”

Listen to the whole album here

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