Jung Ilhoon Talks About Dealing With Heartbreak and Moving On in “Spoiler”

By: Claudia Siregar |

Rapper, songwriter, composer, and producer Jung Ilhoon, mainly known as the main rapper of BTOB, is back with his solo single “Spoiler”, this time featuring Babylon. The acclaimed idol-producer presents us with what appears to be a heavily anticipated 3-minute R&B ballad, after a very short period of promotion and hectic schedule of DJ-ing. With promising short teaser clips released the days before, fans were thirsting for the release, and as usual, Ilhoon did not disappoint.

“Spoiler” is a daunting R&B ballad about a breakup, as opposed to Ilhoon’s usual hard-slapping hip hop-mixed-with whatever bops (in his previous hit single “She’s Gone”, Ilhoon mixed hip hop with rock – something I didn’t see coming). The track opens with Ilhoon softly rap-singing in his deep, raspy voice over smooth guitar riffs, right before Babylon greets us with his signature falsetto. Keyboard sounds and sharp-sounding bluesy synths dominate the track, with Ilhoon and Babylon’s contrasting voices singing beautifully together. The production is rather bluesy and neat this time.

The lyrics are rather heartwrenching, with Ilhoon’s line “it’s just time to go”, accepting that some things just have to come to an end. Accepting the end of a relationship and trying to deal with the pain seems to be the main theme of the song, something you wouldn’t usually find in breakup ballads as they’d usually only talk about mourning over a heartbreak – not what happens after. Overall, the single makes for a good teaser for whatever Ilhoon is preparing – a new solo album, perhaps?

Listen to the song here

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