Listen To “Lonely Boys, Lonely Girls” – The New Single From Pee Wee Gaskins

By: Riefan Novalde H |

After 7 months since their latest EP (Salute To 90’s) was released, finally, Indonesia’s most influential pop punk unit Pee Wee Gaskins has released their new single titled “Lonely Boys, Lonely Girls” on February 15. This song could become one of my valentine anthems since the lyrics and the music composition was very sweet, and I think this song was a good teaser – a good way to introduce their music and what they will bring in their upcoming album.

The domination of simple yet catchy guitar riffs combined with the electro sound of keys and synthesizer makes this song sound more cheerful and fun. In general, this song is all about love, but they didn’t want to make an ordinary love song so they put “if this is a sad song for the brokenhearted, young rebels sick of valentine’s song, lonely boys and lonely girls, I dedicate this song to…well not me” in the chorus.

The official lyrics video itself conveys a deepful meaning, displaying collages of each members’ photos with their wife. If we go back to mid 2007, the year when Pee Wee Gaskins was formed, we can see how time flew so fast, changing the pace of this band from a pop punk band that played and made songs about high school memories to a mature band that spreads messages about life, family, and maturity through their music.

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