EMO NIGHT JKT: Love is For Losers – A Gig Review

By: Zessa Ghaisani, Claudia Siregar & Riefan Novalde H |

Last Saturday, our team got a chance to attend EMO NIGHT JKT: Love is for Losers, at Miss Qi, Melawai. The event is a monthly event held by Crowdsurfers.id focusing on pop-punk and emo songs played by DJs and performing guests. With regular performers such as Janitra Satriani and Dion Mashiro, and other performers such as Silver/Gold and The Boris Suit, Emo Night JKT succeeded in luring “emo citizens” of Jakarta to gather in this one night event, and sing along to emo anthems together.

The event opened with performance from Silver/Gold. They performed various covers and ended their performance with a cover of “Remembering Sunday”, a famous song about heartbreak from pop punk band All Time Low featuring vocals from Juliet Simms. Next is a performance from Janitra Satriani. Sani performed his own songs such as the newly released “Me”, “Millennials”, “Dream Cinema” and a few covers.

The emo aura didn’t die right there. Right after Sani left the stage, local rock band The Boris Suit jumped onstage and opened their part by performing “The Great Escape” from Boys Like Girls. Later they performed their own single, “Road Show”—a fresh one since it was just released that day. Not only did The Boris Suit leave us in awe with their massive energy and ability to capture a crowd, guitarist Dion Mashiro also showed off his impressive virtuoso-like skills at times. Vocalist Josh magnetized the crowd with his energetic demeanor and charisma, despite of having problems with his mic at one point.

After the three performances, the event was put into a break for about an hour as they prepared for DJ set for the night. The DJ set is a regular part of the gig, where the regular Emo night DJs—DJ Anitra (Janitra Satriani’s DJ stage name) & Dion Mashiro—collaborate to deliver their best emo playlist of the night. In lieu with the theme “Love is for Losers”, they played songs about heartbreak and rejection such as Simple Plan’s “Perfect”, Boys Like Girls’ “Thunder”, Yellowcard’s “Only One”, Fall Out Boy’s “Thnks fr th mmrs”, Paramore’s “Emergency”, and many more. The DJ set lasted for hours, starting at circa 10:30 pm and still continued until past midnight. You can imagine that there were so many songs in the list, almost endless, even—and they accepted requests as well.

The crowd was super energetic that night. With a few people getting the experience to take the mic and sing their lungs out (including us), and of course, crowdsurf, last Saturday’s Emo Night JKT was an unforgettable one. We look forward to more performances by the regulars and new up-and-coming pop punk/emo bands!

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