Replying Ardhito Pramono’s Letter to His 17 Year Old Self

By: Michelle Mayfa |

A renowned newcomer in the Indonesian jazz music scene has recently made a comeback with his new extended play. That newcomer, of course, is Ardhito Pramono, who started his jazz career in 2017, gaining popularity in 2018 with his hit single “Bitterlove”. First started out as a YouTube singer, he is now a recording artist under Sony Music Indonesia, well known for being an all-rounder, his unique jazzy style of music, and his soothing voice.

On February 15, he served us with his new EP, “a letter to my 17 year old”, a 5-track mini album consisting of 3 new songs and re-releases of his famous singles “bitterlove” and “fake optics”. This mini album adopts the same jazzy musical style that has been Ardhito’s signature style since his debut.

The mini album kicks off with “say hello”. “Say hello” is that one song you’d want to hear when you enter a jazz music bar. It’s a song that screams “real jazz”, packed with a beautiful rhythm made by a saxophone, a trumpet, a trombone, and drums. “Say hello” is a simple jazz tune about welcoming every little thing with a ‘hello’, meaning starting everything you do with excitement and happiness. Ardhito performed this song with a super cool pitch and timbre improvisation.

Moving on to the next track, “Superstar” is also a typical American bar jazz-inspired tune. Once you hear the song, I’m sure you can imagine yourself in the middle of a jazz bar, tapping your shoes while snapping your fingers. This song is released alongside a cute music video taking place at a diner using instagram’s live feature, featuring Ardhito playing a keyboard for his audience (that’s you). The song itself is pretty short, talking about one’s life as a superstar – a lonely life filled with fame.

The last track off the album, “Cigarettes of ours”, is somewhat different from the previous tracks. The track doesn’t sound anything like a typical jazz song with trumpets or trombones – it only involves an acoustic guitar and a violin, highlighting Ardhito’s voice crooning through the song. “Cigarettes of ours” is sung with a slower tempo, making us feel as if Ardhito is serenading us with a beautiful, nostalgic tune, reminiscing over past memories and love.

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