Taemin is Going to Leave You Wanting and Thirsting for More of Him in “WANT”

By Zessa Ghaisani |

Taemin, known as SHINee’s main dancer and vocalist, is back with his 2nd mini album “WANT”, with the promotional image of the album showing an alluring message – “Will leave you wanting more, thirsting for more”

“WANT” consists of seven tracks with a lead single of the same name, released on February 11 2019. Various teaser images and videos have been released starting from the last few days of January with promising visuals and enchanting beats in the released audio snippets. Taemin is known for his sultry and seducing vocals, and he once again used that winning formula for the album.

The lead track “WANT” is a house-influenced electronic song. Taemin himself has described the album genre as “space disco”—and “WANT” is the true representative of the genre. The beat will remind you of his previous Korean single, “MOVE”, and it feels like listening to a sequel of the song. It also has similar vibes from his older song “Sexuality” in it. The song really shows that Taemin embraces funky and disco as if they’re his own genre.

“Artistic Groove” comes in with funky beats and a catchy hook. The first thing you’ll notice from this track that this is the kind of song that really suits Taemin’s style. Then we move on to “Shadow”, a track that sounds a bit cinematic-ish, with fancy strings and piano in the background.

The ballad tracks in the album, “Truth” and “Monologue” show Taemin’s vocal ability accompanied with piano and sad strings. “Never Forever” starts with a catchy guitar strum, bringing along some positive mood, despite the lyrics telling a story of the singer moving on from a past lover.

The mini album ends with an outro which sounds a bit like Taemin’s old release, “Ace”. This got me automatically singing “I want to be your only ace” the moment I listened to the track for the first time.

Overall, Taemin’s “WANT” is a solid proof that Taemin has a distinct style which only he can pull. He really puts a mark on himself as someone who has a “trademark” for his musical style—and even choreography. With the promise of making his audience wanting more and thirsting for more, he definitely pleases everyone with the album, and I think no one will ever complain.

Favorite track : Artistic Groove, Shadow
Overall score : 7 out of 10

Listen to the album here

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