Chapter 1 – Girl in Red Review

By: Dinda Aza’ara Putri

Marie Ulven or also known as Girl in Red has just released her EP called “chapter 1” on September 14th 2018. This Norwegian singer brings teenage problem-related lyrics on this EP, wrapped up in a form of catchy tunes.

From the first song called “I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend” until the last one “Girl” you can sense alternative vibes from the songs. Girl in Red mostly brings about love life, LGBTQ issues (on songs like “Girl, I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend”, “Say Anything”), and mental health issues (on songs like “4AM”, “Summer Depression”).

As a starter,the first song is about someone who lament her relationship with her friends. She confessing her feeling into her friend who called “Hannah”. But she scarred Hannah will leave her because she love her. If Hannah don’t love her,at least don’t leave her. The repetitive lyrics makes you feel like she begging for hannah to understand,and love her back. The second track “Say Anything” got inspired by old movies from 1989 who have a same name with this song. In this song,the singer think she could having relationship like in the movie with someone that the singer sing to.the third song is “Summer Depression”. As we can see,the song is about someone who having depression in summer every year. She think the best thing to do is disappear because having life with depression and emotional makes you feel tired and exhausted but only on summer. “4 am” is about someone who can’t sleep at 4 am because having too much thought while before go to sleep. The singer has to go somewhere tomorrow but she wish she dont have to go. The last one, “Girl” is about someone who attracted with every pretty girl. She want to tell someone about her feeling,but too scarred with the reaction so she just keep it by her self. 

If chapter 1 was a person,she could be someone who having issue with expressing her feeling toward girls (Girl) called Hannah (I wanna be your girlfriend) and want her relationship like Say Anything’s Movie (Say Anything). But,she thinking too much before fall asleep (4am) and always having depression every summer (Summer Depression).

Overall,this EP might be an effusion from Marie about her problem. Highlight by LGBT issue and Alternative genre who makes her different. Most of the songs was a sad song,but she can bringing with happy and dance-able tune so people still can dance although they didn’t realize it was a sad song. Rate: 7,5 / 10


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