Let’s not Waste Our Night Away Together with One Ok Rock

By: Michelle Mayfa |

One OK Rock is back with another single to finish this month with ‘Wasted Night’! Once again, One OK Rock is bringing us another motivational and strong-impacted song for us. Yes, this song is another beautiful masterpiece performed by Taka, Ryota, Tomoya and Toru. ‘Wasted Night’ was released yesterday with a music video, and through this video we could see Taka and co. performing alongside some teenagers’ acting scenes. the video was simple but pretty meaningful, showing how teenagers lived their life in the 80’s. We see some scenes being taken using Super8 camera! Let’s talk about the song; this song is about discouragement to the audience, the music delivered by OOR is giving us the strength about living life. The first verse is telling us about ‘go big or go home’, continued by the refrain that told us that we should really live our life bravely, and dare to take a risk, because we only live once so we should seize the day. Taka’s mesmerizing voice echoes determination, strength, and bravery about our existence as human beings. The song is indeed depicting how we should enjoy our life freely, like what OOR always did! We are pleased once again with OOR’s performance of lifetime with this long and high notes of rock song.

This song is performed with 2 different languages, the music video one contains Japanese language verse, while the digital song doesn’t include Japanese lyrics. both types are being sung perfectly. One thing that made me feel like it’s different about OOR this time is that this song happens to be ‘less rock-ish, but more pop-punk-ish’ type of genre, it’s shown since their last album “Ambitions”. I conclude that it happens because OOR already hit the American market and they are adapting the Americans’ musical style so that it fits the worldwide taste, but it’s still good anyway, isn’t it?

Like what OOR has said, we youngsters, let’s never waste our life, let’s live our day maximally, carpe diem!

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