Under 10K Listener Spotify Playlist

By: Michelle Mayfa |

Spotify is a place where all musicians ranging from the newborn ones to the worldwide famous spread their musical works, providing access to 40 million songs and still growing. Some of these songs may have been heard by hundred thousands of listeners, mostly songs by artists who have already reached the top of the musical ladder. Starting independent artists usually have less listeners than worldwide famous ones, and here’s a playlist of the best under 10K listeners songs;

1. Cale Hawkins – Origami

2. Easy – Gabe Fleck, Kmplt

3. Slowing at Sunrise – Wooly Mammoth

4. Lose Yourself – Silent War

5. Promises – Jason Waterfalls

6. Silhouettes – Ten Times a Million

7. How to Disappear – Van Common

8. Upside-Down – The Sunset Beauty

9. Down – Niko Rose

10. Nanagrams – R E L

11. Codex – ginla

12. Yesterday – Hans Isn’t Driving

13. Jesus – Sons of Raphael

14. Moonlight – Earthquake Lights

15. Peripheral – Trivial Shields

Listen here

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