CLC Is Back With No. 1

By: Claudia Siregar |

Hailing from Cube Entertainment, the same company that birthed BTOB, Apink, and BEAST (now known as Highlight under Around Us Entertainment), 4minute, and Pentagon, CLC is a part of the company’s newer generation of idol groups. They’re back with a mini album, and this time, they’re not playing around. This time, CLC adopts a more mature concept than their previous one – not quite girl crush, but far from cutesy (none of the Cs in CLC stand for “cute” anyway). Consisting of five catchy pop tracks, the girls made several points with their newest release, especially with the single “No”.

The opening track and single “No” opens with the girls loudly refusing the idea of being forced to wear red lipstick, earrings, high heels, and handbags. The EDM and synth pop-influenced track highlights the importance of recognising how toxic it is to look and act feminine for the sake of being a “real woman”, suggesting that a woman is a woman regardless of what she wears and how she acts. A total feminist anthem. This is revolutionary and eye-opening in a way, especially since this is a concept we rarely see in K-pop. Other than the groundbreaking lyrics, the track itself is very well-produced, with synths crowding up near the choruses. Labelmate Jeon Soyeon of (G)-IDLE composed the song for CLC, proving her ability as a composer as well.

Next, we have the track “SHOW”, a disco pop-influence track worth dancing to. Then we move on to “Breakdown”, a ballad to calm your nerves after listening to a fiery feminist anthem and a dancey tune. Making use of glass break sounds and simple beats and synths, this track makes for a surprisingly chill break in the middle of the mini album, continued with “Like It”, another dancey banger with crazy beat drops and EDM and slight house music influences, and “I Need U”, a disco-influenced track with sexy guitar licks and (yep) high notes. Here’s the catch: none of the songs in the mini album are as remarkable as “No”, “Breakdown”, and “I Need U”. “SHOW” and “Like It” are rather basic in tune and production, but the rest of the mini album makes up for it.

Favourite track: No

Listen to the mini album here

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