Review: “U” by Ringgo 5

By: Dinda Az’ara Putri |

To kick off the start of 2019, Jakarta-based quintet Ringgo 5 has released a brand new single called “U” on January 25th, 2019. The band, consisting of Nara on vocals, Rishad and Rhein on the guitar, Gege on the drums, and Robert on the bass has previously undergone some changes in their sound, shifting from pop punk into electropop. Ever since the band released their first EP “Tell Me”, their sound has continuously transitioned over time.

They said this song is a sequel of their previous EP, in which their lyrics illustrate the process of letting go of a dissolving romance of a man who fell hard in love (“Come on, come on just get out from my life / Get out get out, just get out from my life / Out of my life”). From the beginning of the song, Ringgo 5 has given us a different vibe that starts right after you hear the “pop-ing” sound and the keyboard. The tune and lyrics are pretty catchy in nature, so don’t be surprised if they’re stuck in your head for a while.

The music video is also pretty exceptional, depicting some pre-breakup flashbacks. In the end of video, there is a particular scene where Nara burns a picture of him with his ex, which is the most iconic scene of them all. In my opinion, the neon light aesthetic present throughout the music video makes for a perfect fit.

Overall, this brand new single might bring new possibilities for Ringgo 5. With “U”, Ringgo 5 has successfully proven that they have matured. With the release of this single, we will need to prepare ourselves for another single or maybe a new album from Ringgo 5. I would recommend this song if you’re into The 1975’s second album and/or rebelsuns.

Watch the music video here

Listen here

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