Cheeze Sings To Us In A Long Dream

By: Claudia Siregar |

Once one of the most hyped up indie rock bands in Korea, Cheeze disbanded in 2017 leaving only vocalist Dalchong taking on “Cheeze” as her new solo act stage name. She has been releasing a few songs on her own since then, including the Short Film Sequences trilogy – “See You Again”, “In A Long Dream”, and “Just As A Lie”. Almost exactly a year ago, Cheeze as a solo singer-songwriter released the second part of her Short Film Sequences, “In A Long Dream”, a heart-wrenching, dreamy acoustic track.

“In A Long Dream” is a melancholic take on loneliness and the feeling of longing for another person’s love. Decorated with the sweet sound of an acoustic guitar and violins, the song makes for a classic K-indie ballad (not something the old Cheeze was known for, really) – that is, before going into the baroque pop-infused bridge. The production sounds rather a bit lo-fi-influenced, unlike most clean cut Korean indie production. But then again, it seems that Cheeze made an artistic choice to make the track sound a bit dreamier.

Other than the lo-fi production and baroque pop influences, which the old Cheeze has never experimented with before, the song sounds way more folk-infused than Cheeze’s previous works with her ex-bandmates. Overall, “In A Long Dream” sounds like a simple, melancholic folk pop tune more than anything else, with baroque pop and slight orchestral influences. Not bad for one of Cheeze’s first releases as a solo act.

Listen to the song here

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