Sing Along to the World’s Popular Songs with Weezer

By: Zessa Ghaisani |

Weezer are back without a warning, releasing an album full of covers of the past decades’ popular songs. It looks like River Cuomo and the gank are inviting us to their live-band karaoke session with the release of “The Teal Album”.

Starting with the release of “Africa”, a cover of Toto’s hit song last May, Weezer finally gave in to their fans’ year long request. After their cover of “Rosanna” -which sadly wasn’t included in the album, their fans were going wild and kept on requesting for a cover of another Toto’s song. The cover became viral eventually, trending on various social media platforms with the hashtag #WeezerCoverAfrica. “Africa” also became their first Billboard charting song since 2010.

Other cover tracks included in “The Teal Album” are covers of Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean”, Eurythmics’ “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)”, TLC’s “No Scrubs”, Black Sabbath’s “Paranoid”, a-ha’s “Take on Me”, Tears For Fears’ “Everybody Wants to Rule The World”, The Turtle’s “Happy Together”, Electric Light Orchestra’s “Mr. Blue Sky”, and lastly Ben E. King’s “Stand By Me”.

What I notice from the songs are, even though those are covers, Weezer ain’t playing around even though the album itself sounds like they’re asking the listeners to have fun with them in the karaoke session they’re holding. They didn’t half-ass the production, which is good. The songs sound ridiculously similar to the original while also having Weezer’s trademark guitar fuzz in them.

Even though it’s also apparent that the album is just a “warming up session” prior to their original material, “The Black Album”, coming out later in March 2019, “The Teal Album” was a fun ride. Imagine having a karaoke session with one of the world’s indie-rock icons, Weezer.

Tracks I love : Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This), Africa, Happy Together

Overall Score : 7 out of 10

Listen to the full album here

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