American Football Releases A New Single with Hayley Williams

By: Riefan Novalde H |

American Football has released a new single titled “Uncomfortably Numb” for their forthcoming full-length album “American Football (LP3)”, which will be released on March 22nd.

This track features Hayley Williams of Paramore singing together with vocalist Mike Kinsella. Compared to their previous track “Silhouettes” that was released on December 2018, this track leans more towards a pop sound with melancholic lyrics and ambience. The pattern of the sound is amazing, with reverbs and delays combined with simple chords being the major highlight of the track’s guitar sound, with simple drums beat and some samples layering the main instruments.

Mike Kinsella and Hayley Williams did amazing in the 2nd verse and the chorus. They harmonize, putting Williams’ voice in the background and Kinsella on main vocals. In this track, they didn’t incorporate much math rock influences (unlike most American Football songs), so it makes this song sound easier and enjoyable even for those who have never listened to American Football before.

The lyrics, as always, are undeniably deep. It starts with “Sensitivity deprived, I can’t feel a thing inside” in the beginning of the verse, then “I blamed my father in my youth. Now as a father, I blame the booze”. These lyrics could lead us into the deepest thought of how confusing and hard life becomes as we grow up. Kinsella said in a statement, the goal of this record is to be more conversational, yet he still wants to keep things a little more vague. Furthermore, the official music video is also somewhat epic. Directed by Atiba Jefferson, it features American Pro Skateboarder Paul Rodriguez Jr and London May, drummer of Samhain.

Overall, with less math rock influences in this track, we don’t need to put much effort in trying to enjoy this song. Just lay down, close your eyes, and absorb the music’s gloomy vibes while listening to this beautiful song.

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