PRETTYMUCH is Pretty Blinded with “Blinds”

By: Michelle Mayfa |

Just last week, on Friday, January 18, PRETTYMUCH announced that they would be releasing a new song next Friday (read: this Friday). They also announced that on the 25th they would be releasing both the song and the music video on YouTube.

Prettymuch, the new American-Canadian boyband formed in 2016 by Simon Cowell is a new sensation in the music industry. They are young, fresh, and bringing the best in boyband-styled pop music. There are 5 of them – Zion Kuwonu, Brandon Arreaga, Nick Mara, Edwin Honoret, and Austin Porter. All 5 of them are equipped with the best vocal and dance talent, and yes, they do dance well to their own music.

Blinds is all about showcasing the world that PRETTYMUCH exists and they are ready to shake the world, that people must stop sleeping on them because they are ‘that’ amazing, proved by this new release. Brandon started the song with the tune of pop-hip hop fusion; he, along with Nick and Zion would later add on to the R&B vibes to the song with their R&B influenced vocals. Zion has really shown improvement in his vocals, proven by the use of his head voice, and his harmonization with Brandon. Edwin and Nick mesmerize the audience with their high notes, while Austin doesn’t really have any vocal-show off screen time – he dazzles the audience with his visuals instead. The music video shows their simple dance style and if you are a K-pop fan, you will recognize the set right away (it is the same as Seventeen’s “Don’t Wanna Cry” music video set). There are only 3 different sets with 2 different outfit sets. PRETTYMUCH is well known as a fashion icon, as their costumes are usually very fashionable. In the music video, they’re dressed up in all-black and all-white matching outfits representing their own style.

The song itself is all about holding on, never wanting to let go or to be left behind. It pictures a person who would rather go blind than see his loved one leave. There is nothing special about the song meaning, but they deliver the song beautifully despite sounding kind of emotionless. The melody is also somewhat basic; it’s similar to every other pop song we usually hear on the radio.

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