Bring Me The Horizon Finally Spoke in Their Mother Tongue…Or Did They?

By: Claudia Siregar |

Deathcore, metalcore, rock…there truly is no genre that could perfectly describe the always-evolving Bring Me The Horizon. Previously famous for vocalist Oli Sykes’ scream-singing and sharp, heavy guitar riffs, the band has adopted a somewhat mellow rock sound with pop-inspired synths in their later years, rather than continuing with their deathcore sound from their earlier years. Continuing the release of their 2018 (totally metalcore) single “MANTRA” and early January 2019 single “medicine”, the band has released the singles “mother tongue”, and “nihilist blues” this week, the latter featuring synth pop princess Grimes.

“mother tongue” is rather different from the heavily metalcore-infused “MANTRA”. No screaming was involved in the keyboard-driven single – not completely new from BMTH with songs such as “Follow You” and “Deathbeds” existing way before BMTH switched to a softer rock sound. What’s new from this single, however, is its upbeat pop sound and lyrics (BMTH’s lyrics have always been somewhat romantic, but “So don’t say you love me, fala “amo” / Just let your heart speak up, and I’ll know” doesn’t sound like the typical dark BMTH lyrics). The chorus makes use of bright-sounding electro synths that give it an even “happier” touch. Excuse me – BMTH, upbeat? Yes, you heard that right. If it weren’t for Oli Sykes’ vocals, I wouldn’t have recognised “mother tongue” as a BMTH song.

“nihilist blues” opens with festive-sounding electropop synths and Grimes’ airy “oohs”. Other than synth pop influences, the song contains a lot of EDM elements, while still incorporating a (very) little bit of BMTH’s “That’s The Spirit” rock sound. The song doesn’t sound like something you’d jam to in a mosh pit (read: something you’d expect from BMTH), yet it’s still pretty enjoyable to dance to. A collaboration with Grimes could never go wrong – be it by BMTH or even K-pop group Loona who worked with Grimes earlier in 2018. High quality production makes for a party anthem by BMTH. Yes, again, you heard that right, a party anthem by BMTH.

It seems that the two singles, prepping us for the release of BMTH’s upcoming album “amo” which will be out tomorrow, mark BMTH’s departure from their mother tongue a.k.a. their signature metalcore sound. Nonetheless, the singles were still quite enjoyable – yet lacking what makes BMTH BMTH.

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