Lee Hi and Code Kunst Are Back with XI

By: Claudia Siregar |

As a follow-up to their 2017 single “X”, Code Kunst and Lee Hi have released “XI”. With a darker sound (and darker lyrics, for sure) than before, Code Kunst and Lee Hi aren’t playing games anymore. Despite of the small-scale promotion the single got from the label, it deserves to be streamed and talked about more.

Still sticking with his usual R&B sound, Code Kunst made the right choice in collaborating with Lee Hi, who is known for her sultry, agile, R&B-influenced vocals. Compared to its predecessor “X”, however, “XI” takes on a more intimate sound design and it’s slightly more electric guitar-heavy, with simple beat drops, focusing more on Lee Hi singing out her rather courageous lyrics (“Callin me a bitch / I said that I’m proud of it”), packed with high quality production. The track definitely spews out sensuality and melancholy at the same time.

Other than the high quality production and sensual R&B and slight soul rock undertones, the track offers you another side of K-pop (or should we say K-R&B, to be specific). Lee Hi’s unique voice, combined with Code Kunst’s audio experiments make for a sonically pleasing, radio-worthy track, despite of the minimum exposure the single is getting. “XI” is definitely a brave, underrated follow-up to “X”, and we would like to see more from both Lee Hi and Code Kunst in the future.

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