Prep Enchants Us Again, Line By Line

By: Dinda Az’ara Putri

Soul jazz quartet Prep has released their last EP in 2018, “Line by Line”, making it the second EP they released in 2018. In this EP, Prep came in with complicated lyrics that hold some personal meanings for the band. However, even with such personal lyrics, the tracks can still leave a good first impression on new listeners.

Same as the EP title, the title of the first song off the EP is “Line by Line”. In this song, they collaborate with Cory Wong and Paul Jackson Jr, with both of them on the guitar. The song is about someone who wants to stay up all night and talk to their significant other through voice call. We can hear that the tune is more influenced by jazz than the usual pop and alternative electronic elements that they usually incorporate into their songs. We can also hear funk influences on the guitar.

The second track is “Don’t Look Back”. Similar to “Line by Line”, in “Don’t Look Back”, Prep collaborates with Shownu from Monsta X and So!YoOn! from Se So Neon. This song is about supporting a friend called Annie, who is planning to leave her boyfriend. The tune is mostly electronic lo-fi, with layers compiled with vocal tracks. The rhythm moves constantly in tune with the electronic style.

The third song is “Leaning on You”. The lyrics are pretty hard to understand because of its poetic tendencies. What I can see is that the song is about someone called Suzie, who is slowly realising that she has to take all the blame for a certain incident and solve a certain problem by herself. This song is heavily influenced by electropop, similar to “Don’t Look Back”, yet it does not contain any lo-fi elements.

The last song off the EP is “I Can’t Answer That”. This song tells the story of a person’s confusion regarding their partner’s question. Unlike the other songs on the EP, this track has a very poppy sound. Yet the lyrics are pretty hard to understand due to its complexity.

Prep always has a mysterious way to make their listeners enjoy their listening to their songs every single time. Although their lyrics are complicated and pretty personal, you’ll always find a way to enjoy listening to their songs. Overall this EP is worth 15 minutes of your time. I’ll give it an 8/10.

Favourite track: Line by Line

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