Sharon van Etten Grasps the Past and Looks to the Future in “Remind Me Tomorrow”

By: Patricia Kusumaningtyas |

Indie rock veteran Sharon van Etten truly delivers her emotions in her 2019 album, Remind Me Tomorrow. The release has her experimenting with new elements, such as electronica, and it doesn’t fail to showcase her trademark dreamy vocals and heartwrenching lyrics, creating an atmospheric yet grounded sound throughout the album.

The album starts subtly with “I Told You Everything”; we hear van Etten singing over the sound of piano about a story she told a person that changes the course of their lives. The album then switches to a more non-traditional sound through electronic instruments in “No One’s Easy to Love.” Even though van Etten decided to depart from her traditional piano-and-guitar sound on this track, we can still hear her signature delivery that evokes longing and the past.

One of the great things about the album is the three-song run in the middle: “Comeback Kid,” “Jupiter 4,” and “Seventeen.” These three songs have been released as singles outside of the album in 2018, but it’s really a delight to hear them consecutively in the album. “Comeback Kid” has this youthful, spirited vibe, reminding us of times when we were younger. The hype is brought down to calm during “Jupiter 4,” a hypnotic song showcasing van Etten’s slow, careful vocals and instrumentation—a song that pauses you at the moment. “Seventeen” then starts slow and gradually builds up to a youthful, reminiscent spirit similar to that of “Comeback Kid.”

The album ends with a few closing songs, but what stands out among the four is the last song, “Stay.” Van Etten sings through a lo-fi piano/guitar arrangement, creating a dreamy atmosphere. Through Sharon van Etten’s musical experimentation with a sense of her signature sound, Remind Me Tomorrow has her looking towards tomorrow, but the album does not let go of yesterday.

Favorite track: Comeback Kid

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