Radiohead Greets Streaming Services with “Ill Wind”

By: Claudia Siregar |

Alternative rock senior collective Radiohead released their ninth studio album “A Moon Shaped Pool” almost three years ago. Produced by Nigel Godrich and recorded in France, the album was met with reception and automatically launched on streaming services, yet one of the B-sides had to wait for almost three years to arrive on streaming services. This B-side, titled “Ill Wind”, was only available on CD as a bonus track for a while – and now it’s available on the digital world for everyone to enjoy.

It’s a rather sentimental tune, smoothly produced and decorated with Thom Yorke’s usual draggy vocals. The lyrics are pretty simple yet poetic, as per usual. “Keep your distance / Then no harm will come / No ill wind / Will blow / Will blow”. One thing about the track, though, is that it follows a similar formula to the one other tracks in A Moon Shaped Pool have, yet it’s much cleaner in structure, with what appears to be smooth jazz influences apparent in the soft synths, electric guitar sounds, and beats present throughout the song. The production and the overall sound design is reminiscent of songs off the band’s previous albums “Amnesiac” and “Kid A” – reminding us that despite of their always-evolving musical style, Radiohead is not afraid to revisit and recycle old sounds into the new.

Other than the long-awaited digital release of “Ill Wind”, Radiohead’s got a lot in store for them in 2019. Radiohead is the next band to be inducted to the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame, very well-deserved after years of making music and endless recognition by the rock music industry. Vocalist Thom Yorke has recently announced that he is set to debut new piano compositions for classical music artists and release his self-composed soundtrack album for the film “Suspiria” and a politically-charged solo album sometime this year, as a follow up to his 2014 studio album Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes.

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