Healing and Spending with Ariana Grande’s “7 rings”

By: Patricia Kusumaningtyas & Zessa Ghaisani |

Ariana Grande is back with a new song off her forthcoming album, thank u, next. “7 rings” is Grande’s statement on retail therapy as a way of healing, paralleling from “thank u, next”’s way of being grateful to healing. A stark departure from the rest of Grande’s body of work is showcased in this single, and in this post, we weigh in on the song and the music video.

Grande starts the song with a rework of the Mary Poppins classic, “My Favorite Things,” putting in lyrics about turning loss into victory and getting her riches’ worth. The song itself employs the same trap sound that influences her previous release, sweetener. However, the influence is heightened in this song, as Grande mostly raps through the refrain, not showcasing her vocal abilities as much as on her previous singles. Even though this song highlights the female friendship happening between Grande and her friends she bought expensive items for, Grande loses the sincerity of songs like “Almost is Never Enough,” “no tears left to cry,” and even “Into You,” trading it with materialism as a solace to her sorrows. This is a far departure from the rest of her work, and the song feels lacking in its candor, yet joyous in its hubris.

Filled with all-pink aesthetics, Ariana stuns us with visuals in her latest music video, “7 Rings”. The extras in the music video were all women, accompanying Ariana in her pinky party. The music video was heavily inspired by Japanese aesthetics, seen in the use of Katakana’s characters for “7 Rings” title in the beginning of the music video and the quirky makeup and costumes that I’m pretty sure were inspired by Harajuku culture.

Storyline wise, the music video shows us a glimpse of Ariana having fun with her girlfriends–whom she dubbed “my bitches”, partying and dancing in an all-pink house under the pink light. Same as the lyrics, which tell us how Ariana would rather have fun with her girls than think about marriage and relationships, the music video shows us how happy she is, partying and having fun with the girls.

One to note, the way the lights played in the mv is aligned with the music – not to mention it’s also visually pleasing! As expected from Ariana Grande.

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