“Maybe You’re The Reason”, is the reason why we should anticipate “Good at Falling”

By: Zessa Ghaisani |

Amber Bain, more known professionally as The Japanese House, started her 2019 with the release of “Maybe You’re The Reason”. Coming up as the third single from her upcoming album, “Good at Falling”, “Maybe You’re The Reason” serves us some chill vibes like her previous releases.

The lyrics tell a story of her internal battles, as heard in the chorus of the song, “And I think I’m dying ’cause this can’t be living, should I be searching for some kind of meaning?”, accompanied with synths and lamenting guitars in the background while she ponds for the answers to her problems.

She is searching for strength and this is what her significant other gives her, as her significant other is the one who helps her through it all, as heard in the lyrics “Every time I try to figure it out / You’re the only thing I can think about”. The music turns to a more positive-sounding direction as the song comes near to the end part, as if it hints that the protagonist has found her strength.

Bain stays with the typical Japanese House mood in “Maybe You’re The Reason”, the kind of song you would like to hear under the sunny weather while sipping cold lemonade in the afternoon. The release of the song makes us even more eager to hear the other tracks off the “Good at Falling” album. After “Lilo” and “Follow My Girl”, I have a positive feeling that all of the other songs in the album will be as good. Maybe, this song is a reminder that there’ll always be a positive side to everything.

Score : 9 out of 10

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