Talking About “Bonds” In HiVi!’s “Persaudaraan”

By Zessa Ghaisani |

Indonesian pop group HiVi!’s single, “Persaudaraan” has suddenly gone viral and reached the top of Google Trends a while ago. The single, released January 9 2019, turns out to be one of the tribute songs for Indonesian Jazz musician Candra Darusman, taken from the upcoming repackage version of album “Detik Waktu – Perjalanan Karya Cipta Candra Darusman” released in March 2018.

Candra Darusman is no stranger to Jazz fans in Indonesia. His last curated compilation albums received an award for the best album of 2018 from Anugerah Musik Indonesia 2018, the most prestigious Indonesian music awards to be held. For the repackage he invited HiVi to perform one of his tracks along with Adjie Soetama, which was produced by Nikita Dompas.

HiVi, as we know, is a pop group popular for their cheerful yet catchy songs performed in their own unique way. This song in particular tells us a story about how the bond of brotherhood will always stand strong no matter how hard the situation is. To be fair, this song really gives me a positive vibe. Listening to this song really makes me happy. Neida and Ilham’s vocals mixed well together, as expected. Accompanied by the cheerful guitar strums in the background, the song sounds very “HiVi!” while at the same time also gives us a glimpse on Candra Darusman’s works. Kudos to the production team.

Score : 8.5 out of 10

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