Gig Review: Taeyeon’s Glamorous Finale

By: Claudia Siregar |

As one of the most celebrated singers in South Korea, Kim Taeyeon is not an unfamiliar name to K-pop fans – and many non-K-pop fans. Debuting more than ten years ago with Girls’ Generation (SNSD), the main vocalist and leader of Korea’s number one girlgroup during its heyday made a comeback with her soul and R&B-infused solo EP “Something New” last year, which preceded the start of her solo tour “…S”.

The gig kicked off with a dramatic entrance from Taeyeon in a red dress and a red veil, before singing in her melancholic, somewhat fragile-sounding yet powerful voice, backed up by a live band. Going into the second song, the sensual, blues rock-influenced “I Got Love”, Taeyeon was surrounded by her backup dancers, continuing with the theatricals (this time she sat on a “throne”, before going down the stage with her backup dancers). She then continued on to perform some more songs, including some unreleased tracks and the SNSD hits “Holiday” and “All Night”, which got longtime SNSD fans (also known as Sones) who came to see her excited.

If there’s one thing memorable about the crowd, it’s how they completely got hyped up during Taeyeon’s dancey songs despite of sitting in reserved seats – and how they completely brought themselves into a moment of silence every time Taeyeon started singing a ballad song. Her ballads were the most emotional ones, especially “Rain”, as Taeyeon shed tears during some of these songs, resulting in some voice cracks – which showed us how real and raw her performance was. The song “Fine” in particular got everyone hyped up the most – it was also the song in which Taeyeon gave us her best vocal powerhouse performance of the night.

Taeyeon was quite interactive and at times bubbly during the show, yet she revealed that the concert was an emotional experience for her as her tour was coming to an end – which we witnessed during a few songs in which she poured her heart out and even shed a few tears with the audience. She also revealed that she would not be performing her new single “Something New” on music shows – she would be performing them on concerts with a live band instead, making it special for her gig-going fans. She closed the concert with her hit song “I”, with the audience chanting her name and fan chants all over the place.

Overall, the concert was a good combination of glamorous and real, with the theatricals, Taeyeon’s costumes, and her emotionally raw performance. Not only was Taeyeon the highlight of the show, but the live band and dancers were captivating as well. It’s safe to say that everyone involved in the show has outdone themselves on this finale.

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