Review: Copper by Dream Coterie

By: Dinda Az’ara Putri |

Dream Coterie has returned to release their third single “Copper” after the success of the band’s first EP “Mokase”. Although the band is relatively new to the music industry, their works are possibly worthy of being branded international stage material. Formed in Bandung, the band consists of Monsdim on vocals & the guitar, Jale on the guitar, Janji on the bass, and Graham on the drums. Similar to the songs in “Mokase”, “Copper” is a heavily funk and soul-influenced track – we can easily guess that from intro of the song.

Whenever I listen to this song, it feels like I’m having a long and cheesy talk with my boyfriend in the midnight. The song is about someone slowly falling in love with his partner. He uses the moonlight as an analogy of his feelings towards his partner (“Praise its moonbeams that watched kisses of the night life”). With funk, soul, and slight jazz influences, the track will make you want to dance all night until the sun rises. Unlike the ever-so-present mood the band presents us with in “Mokase”, this song is a love song full of themes of joy and adoration. In addition to that, the tune feels peaceful and calming.

The concept for the video clip was pretty good too, suiting the theme of the song – a feeling of adoration towards another person. Using a first person perspective, it gives us a glimpse of a footage of a girl’s daily life. They even went as far as putting some sketches and lyrics, so that the listener can sing along. It’s a simple concept, yet still unique in aesthetics.

Overall, “Copper” is a great song. Whether you’re in the mood to fall in love, or you just want to chill, the song’s got it all. Dream Coterie succeeded in making us fall in love with this the track. I recommend giving ‘Copper’ a try if you listen to Rebelsuns, Pijar, or Kurosuke.

Listen here:

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