Hope Is A Dangerous Thing For Lana To Have – And She Has It!

By: Claudia Siregar |

With the announcement of the release of her next studio album “Norman Fuckin’ Rockwell”, singer Lana Del Rey has released a few singles to the public, the third and most recent one being “Hope Is A Dangerous Thing For A Woman Like Me To Have – But I Have It”. The song’s unusually long yet intriguing title was flashy enough to catch the attention of fans and non-fans, unlike the non-flashy track itself. Don’t expect a flashy National Anthem Lana, as “Hope Is A Dangerous Thing For A Woman Like Me To Have – But I Have It” is far from a flashy retro anthem. It is outrightly simple at best, similar to its predecessor “Mariners Apartment Complex”.

Laced only with soft piano sounds, Lana Del Rey sings about the implications of public opinion, religion, relationships, and other personal matters concerning the life of a famous celebrity (“Hello / It’s the most famous woman you know on the iPad”). Similar to her previous works, Del Rey blends a bunch of pop culture references into her poetic lyrics. She makes references to Sylvia Plath in the song, one of the poets whose works inspired her the most in the making of her new album and one of the most celebrated poets of all time, who died in the height of her fame from depression. Del Rey proclaimed that the song is particularly a “fan track”, making it a special tune for her longtime listeners.

In this track, Del Rey sings about some of the ultimate hardships of being well-known in the entertainment industry (note the reference to celebrity photographer Slim Aarons) and finding a new home on the stage over simple beats. She also keeps the melody simple and the range in which she sings simple (except for the notes sung in falsetto at the end). Everything about the song screams simplicity, begging listeners to focus on Del Rey’s instantly recognisable, moderately low yet feminine voice and listen to what Lana Del Rey has to say.

Del Rey worked with producer Jack Antonoff on the album, with this track being one of the songs Antonoff also produced. Though the song isn’t quite in the lo-fi category, there’s a minimalistic and gloomy vibe to the sound design. Again, this makes the track quite easy to listen to despite of the heavy lyrics, with a bright plot twist at the end as Del Rey drawls, “Hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have / But I have it.”

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