Enjoying A “Slowtime” With HNATA

By: Bianda Calista |


HNATA, a brand new project from Gilang from rebelsuns is finally making a debut with “Slowtime” as his first single from a project called “Boy Bethesda.” At first, when we saw the teaser cover on Instagram for the first time, we expected that it would be a little bit darker than Gilang’s works with rebelsuns but as it turns out, the single’s concept combines ambient-pop with a slight touch of rebelsuns at the end. The sound design somewhat reminds us of Bottlesmokers, HMGNC, and Owl City. And if you pay close attention to the singer’s vocals, his voice suits the kind of music he presents us with on the single, somewhat like Adam Young from Owl City.

We know that this song is going to be that lovey dovey song which, again, suits the ambience of the instrument. The interesting part is that he made use of the aesthetics of Japanese subway ambience for the intro of the song as he once claimed that the aesthetics of Japanese subway stations always brought something magical and romantic to his mind.

Gilang’s use of ambience sounds from train stations on a song that tells us about patience makes perfect sense to us. It is no secret that places like airports and train stations usually become a place where couples part and say their goodbyes and where people say their “hello again”s when their other half comes back.

Definitely the perfect song to accompany you while you’re hitting the books or in the midst of your midnight thoughts.

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