Drunk on Ryeowook’s New Mini Album

By: Claudia Siregar |

After a 2-year hiatus due to his enlistment, Super Junior’s Kim Ryeowook, better known as Ryeowook has released his mini album “Drunk on Love” at the beginning of this month. The mini album, which was supposed to be released earlier last month, consists of six brand new tracks and the previously released single “One and Only”, with a few tracks co-written by Ryeowook himself.

The EP opens with “I’m not over you”, in which Ryeowook sings about the typical post-breakup longing for your ex-significant other – a solid piano ballad with a somewhat orchestral finish. Continuing on, we have “One and Only”, an acoustic track which has been released as a single back in November. “Drunk in the Morning” also showcases Ryeowook’s crystal-like vocals over piano sounds, this time going in a slightly more jazz-influenced direction. The next tracks “Without You” and “Something Good” surprise us with a moderately fast tempo, with upbeat guitar sounds playing in the background (despite of the gloomy theme in “Without You”) – something Ryeowook hasn’t done before as a soloist – still slightly jazz-influenced. “Sugar” is even more upbeat and jazz-influenced than the previous tracks, while showcasing Ryeowook’s lower register in the beginning of the song. The last track of the EP, “The 2nd Story”, a track co-written by Ryeowook, brings us back to Ryeowook’s classic pop ballad style with an orchestral touch, a smooth ending to the mini album.

Similar to Ryeowook’s previous solo releases, the songs in the EP talk about love, similar to his 2016 hit track “The Little Prince” – the difference being the songs are set in an order that tells the story of a person getting over a breakup, healing, and experiencing the joy of finding someone new. Other than that, Ryeowook’s light and bright crystal-like voice is also one of the main highlights of this album, especially his signature use of falsetto, being one of the main vocalists of Super Junior and a part of the SuJu powerhouse sub-unit Super Junior KRY. This time, Ryeowook truly got us drunk on love for his EP.

Favourite track: The 2nd Story

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