Distorted Blackgaze Tunes: A Playlist

By: Ralka Skjerseth |

Blackgaze is a fusion genre that happens to be a mixture of black metal and shoegaze elements. It first emerged in 21st century and was pioneered by acts associated with a French musician Neige, namely Alcest and Ameoseurs. The said musicians themselves were ifluenced by atmospheric black metal acts such as Ulver and Burzum. The sounds of blackgaze have some notable characteristics such as tremolo picking riffs that sound softer than black metal and resemble shoegaze, rapid blast beats, and shrieking vocals. It combines the harsh and heavy instrumentation of black metal and the dreamy soundscape of shoegaze. In this playlist, contributor Ralka Skjerseth offers her best picks of some of the most renowned blackgaze tunes. Enjoy!


Alcest – Kodama

Deafheaven – Dream House

Oathbreaker – Needles in Your Skin

Bosse-de-nage – The Trench

Ghost Bath – Golden Number

Have a Nice Life – Bloodhail

Wolves in the Throne Room – Angrboda

Sólstafir – Scorpion Moonrise

Amesoeurs – Gas in Veins

An Autumn for Crippled Children – Never Complete

Les Discrets – Song for Mountains

Heretoir – Retreat to Hibernate

Agalloch – Falling Snow

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