Weekly Playlist, vol. 4

The speedofsound team is proud to present yet another one of our curated weekly playlists, featuring an exceptionally wide range of musicians. Enjoy!

  1. Sweep Me Off My Feet by Pond
  2. Even So by LUNA
  3. Catalina Breeze by The Blue Jean Committee
  4. Immaterial by SOPHIE
  5. 23 by Rejjie Snow
  6. It Takes Time by Loco feat. Colde
  7. S T R E T C H by Orion Sun
  8. Someone Like You by Jasper Bones
  9. Revisionist by Sannhet
  10. King of Swords by King Woman
  11. Falls by ODESZA feat. Sasha Sloan
  12. Slowtime by HNATA
  13. I’m On Fire by Chromatics
  14. Wild by Chymes
  15. Say, Can You Hear by Men I Trust
  16. Ryd by Steve Lacy

Listen here

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