Even So: Exploring A New Side of F(X)’s LUNA

By: Claudia Siregar |

It’s been long since the last time experimental K-pop girlgroup f(X) had a comeback – and the last time main vocalist Park Sunyoung, better known by her stage name Luna released her solo single. But never fear, for Luna has released a self-composed digital single just a few days ago for the fans and for those interested in what she has to offer as a singer-songwriter and a composer. “Even So” explores a new side of Luna that even her longtime fans have never seen before.

Luna’s new digital single is packed with title track “Even So” and its B-sides, “Do You Love Me” and “BYE BYE.” It opens with the single “Even So”, a mellow track heavily influenced by funk and R&B. Unlike Luna’s older tracks, this single doesn’t include her signature powerful belting or high notes – just Luna’s airy vocals drifting softly over funky yet chill and slow beats. It seems like this time around, Luna just wants to chill with whoever listens to her song, and it shows. For a first self-composed single, the slightly bluesy “Even So” has successfully proven Luna’s capability as a composer and songwriter.

“Do You Love Me” incorporates both jazz and R&B elements into a pop ballad, in which Luna collaborates with senior K-R&B singer George Han Kim (better known simply as “george”). Still without Luna’s signature high belts, this romantic track is perfect for an afternoon in with nothing much to do – so is “BYE BYE.” In “BYE BYE”, we get to hear Luna’s airy crooning over the sound of an acoustic guitar – something we don’t hear much in her previous songs as they were mostly piano or synth-driven instead of guitar-driven. Similar to “Do You Love Me”, this track feels very jazz-inspired.

As a singer specialising in ballads, Luna has shown us that she is more than just another piano ballad singer through “Even So” – that she’s more than capable of being versatile with incorporating funk, R&B, and jazz elements into her ballads and creating songs that are soothing and musically stimulating to audiophiles at the same time. “Even So” explores Luna’s true artist side, the side of Luna that we rarely get to see (except maybe through her artistic, aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed).

Favourite track: Even So

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