Speedofsound Mag’s Top Albums of 2018

To close off 2018, the speedofsound team has picked their top albums of the year. Enjoy!

Claudia’s picks:

A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships by The 1975

The world’s greatest 2010s rock band is back with another youth-themed album – this time with more versatility in their retro-meets-modern pop rock style.

Love Me / Love Me Not by HONNE

Soothing, feel-good (sometimes melancholic) electropop and R&B (at times trap influenced) tunes from HONNE to accompany your night drives.

Patricia’s picks:

Be the Cowboy by Mitski

No one could capture heartbreak, melancholy, and self-acceptance as good as Mitski does in her critically-acclaimed, career-best fifth LP.

El Mal Querer by ROSALÍA

ROSALÍA tells the story of a deteriorating relationship using a renewed, hip-hop/R&B infused flamenco sound, melding traditional flamenco clapping with motorcycle revving sounds and ad-libs.

Dinda’s picks:

Head In The Clouds by 88 Rising

A combination of rap and pop singers with a summer party concept that makes you feel happy and brings back your summer memories.

Soy Pablo by Boy Pablo

Melodramatic lyrics with an energetic indie pop beat. Still got the chill and romantic atmosphere similar to his previous EP Roy Pablo.

Bianda’s picks:

Life of a Wallflower by Whethan

A game-changer in the EDM world featuring a lot of new sounds and of a lot of versatility going on.

YOUTH part. 2: Remember Us by DAY6

One of 2018’s most highly anticipated albums in KPOP, and as they go beyond their original genre in this album, they put in a lot of influences from 80s music and lyrics that make you feel worth it.

Ralka’s picks:

Dance on the Blacktop by Nothing

The Philadelphia-based shoegaze act presents a sublime take on reverb, distortions, and echoed vocals while blending their shoegaze elements with grunge and post-hardcore. Existential dread and human relationships still remain a major theme of the lyrics and the intricacy thrives into the listeners’ souls.

Ordinary Corrupt Human Love by Deafheaven

It’s a piece on healing, repair, and regrowth that’s full of hope and redeeming qualities. Just like how they’ve always been, they stay true to their idealism when it comes to their sounds and they don’t seem to belong to any specific scene or categorization.

Zessa’s picks:

America by 30 Seconds To Mars

One of the biggest rock bands to ever exist in this millenium released a politically heavy record this year—like some other artists did in 2018. A more radio-friendly collection compared to their previous releases.

Palo Santo by Years & Years

The retro electronic pop group’s self proclaimed “hard second album” after Communion, where they connect music with religious transcendences.

Alvindra’s picks:

Negro Swan by Blood Orange

Singer/songwriter/producer Dev Hynes’ third studio album as Blood Orange gave us an introspective album with the early 00s R&B sound we’ve all been missing.

TA13OO by Denzel Curry

Denzel Curry successfully launched to superstardom with one of the best Hip Hop albums, both content-wise and production-wise this year. What makes it special though, is the storytelling consistency in the album’s three acts.

Michelle’s picks:

New Chapter #1: The Chance of Love’ by TVXQ

K-pop’s second generation giants TVXQ returned to the music industry proving that the KINGS OF KPOP still exist and ready to rock the world once again. Packed with strong masculine vibes, they brought the red ocean back to life.

Iridescence by BROCKHAMPTON

“The world’s best boy band” BROCKHAMPTON finally reached the top with Iridescence, after multiple tries with their SATURATION trilogy. Iridescence consists of the strongest rap and vocal a boy band could ever give!

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