Indonesian Indie Pop: A Playlist

By: Dinda Az’ara Putri |

In Indonesia, when people talk about music, indie music is a topic that commonly pops up during a conversation. Right now, indie music especially indie pop dominates the music industry in Indonesia. Lots of concerts in Indonesia invite indie bands and singers to make their event lively. Among the most famous Indie pop musicians in Indonesia are Danilla, Fourtwnty, and Efek Rumah Kaca. In this article, contributor Dinda Aza’Ara Putri has compiled a list of Indonesian indie pop songs for you to enjoy:

  1. Float –Pulang
  2. Fourtwnty –Aku Tenang
  3. Ardhito Pramono – Bitterlove
  4. Adhitia Sofyan– Forget Jakarta
  5. Maliq & d’Esentials – Untitled
  6. Sore – R14
  7. Pijar –Akhir Pekan
  8. Reality Club– Elastic Hearts
  9. Vira Talisa– Walking Back Home
  10. Grrrl Gang –Dream Grrrl
  11. Efek Rumah Kaca – Lagu Kesepian
  12. Danilla -Dari Sebuah Mimpi Buruk
  13. Kurosuke –Tapestry
  14. Bin Indris –Rebahan
  15. Mondo Gascoro – Naked

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