Millions Of Love From WINNER

By: Claudia Siregar |

After releasing their hit album “EVERYD4Y” last spring and embarking on their “Everywhere” tour around Asia, K-pop group WINNER is back with their new single “Millions” last night. Composed, written, and produced by some of the members with the help of a couple of YG Entertainment producers, “Millions” is a fun, lighthearted dancey track with explosive vocals and catchy yet meaningful lyrics set to hit all-kills on Korean music charts on its first day of release.

As a group known for their versatility, WINNER has previously blended in influences from several completely different genres (check out “Baby Baby”, a blues rock-inspired single by WINNER released in 2016, “Love Me Love Me” – disco-inspired, and the trap-inspired 2018 hit single “Everyday”), and this has proven to be one of the key ingredients to their successful singles and title tracks. In “Millions”, WINNER coins a tropical dance pop sound, reminiscent to their previous release “Island”, a tropical dance house-inspired number. However, unlike WINNER’s previous tropical dance tracks, Millions begins with the strum of a guitar.

It’s been long since the last time we heard a guitar-heavy/driven single or title track from WINNER, the last one being Baby Baby in 2016, let alone a guitar-driven dance pop single from WINNER such as “Millions”. This is definitely the fruit of main vocalist/leader/co-composer Kang Seungyoon, previously known as “the rocker dude from YG with the guitar”, now going by his stage name Yoon and main dancer/rapper/co-composer Hoon. The two blend their unique musical styles into one – this was of course topped by good production from the YG side, noting the smooth transitions between the vocal line’s parts and the rap line’s parts.

Not only are the composition, production, and vocals top notch, the lyrics are top notch as well, with members Yoon, Mino, and Hoon taking part in writing them. In “Millions”, the four boys sing and rap about having “millions” of reasons to love someone – romantic much? Yet these lyrics don’t have to be about a romantic relationship, as main vocalist Yoon has previously said, “it’s about how everyone deserves millions of love.” That being said, “Millions” is definitely a feel-good anthem for everyone, whether you choose to see it as a sentimental love song or a “I have millions of reasons to love myself/my friends/my family” type of song.

Furthermore, “Millions” is a must-listen for those who are curious as to what WINNER is all about. “Millions” is a proof of WINNER’s musically versatile nature, a proof that WINNER could always experiment with whatever they want, yet they could never trick us into mistaking their sound for another band’s. “Millions” deserves millions of love from those who listen to it.

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