You Be You, Stand Out To Fit In: A Personal One OK Rock Review

By: Michelle Mayfa |

One OK Rock is ready to rock the stage again with their newest album in 2019! To prepare the world for their new release, 2 singles: ‘Change’ and ‘Stand Out Fit in’ have been released. Their latest release ‘Stand Out Fit in’ is about encouraging everyone to be whoever they want, no matter what others say – “you are you, just be yourself”. The music video itself depicts the experience of an Asian boy who lives in western neighborhood and gets bullied. The boy tries to adapt by changing himself and his lifestyle to fit in with the community. In the end, it is shown that the changes he made are only a spec of imagination that is going to ruin his future.

This song truly gives out inspiration and strength especially for those who experienced bullying, mocking, and peer pressure. A realization about how the world sees us, how we live our life according to our own decision. No one can change us according to their own will. I, myself could relate a lot to this song, as similar things also happened to me. The first verse really hit home for me. As I lived my life day by day, I realized that not everyone is going to like me, even if some of them hate me because of my attitude. My differences from others sometimes led them to find a reason to bully me. I have my own mind, my own spirit, and my own view, but since I am different, people tend to disrespect and hate me. I just want to be myself, but sometimes I can’t. I have to fake being somebody else, and it sucks. Pretending to be someone else is uncomfortable, but there’s a feeling that I have to fit in by sacrificing my own self. Forcing myself into a society I don’t belong into is like trapping my freedom since I have to live my life being dominated by others. But, I know, I have to be me, I have to show the world the real me, and people had no right to change me into someone else. I have the power to fight, I have to survive the life I was given.

One OK Rock’s songs have always been my go to songs whenever I’m at the bottom of the wheel. Their songs tell us to be a better person, to break the limit, to be free, and to be strong. One OK Rock is truly a gift to the world, and I’m so thankful to discover and idolize them.

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