Playlist: Under a Funeral Moon — Darkthrone and Other Associated Acts

By: Ralka Skjerseth |

This playlist curated by Ralka Skjerseth consists of tunes by Darkthrone and their associated acts. Darkthrone themselves are a black metal band from Kolbotn, Norway that started off as a death metal band in 1986 under the name Black Death. They have many associated acts to name, and those include the solo projects/side projects of the members and the projects where the members were guest performers of. For example, Aura Noir is a band that Fenriz has recorded vocals and written lyrics for, Varg Vikernes of Burzum has contributed lyrics for two of Darkthrone’s albums Transilvanian Hunger and Panzerfaust, Dødheimsgard has Fenriz on bass guitar on the first album, Satyricon and Taake have featured Nocturno Culto as a guest performer, Sarke is a band with Nocturno Culto on the vocals, Storm and Valhall are some of Fenriz’ side projects, Neptune Towers, Isengard and Fenriz’ Red Planet are Fenriz’ solo projects. This playlist features all of the bands mentioned. Have a safe trip to the funeral moon while you’re under protection of darkness while listening!


Satyricon – K.I.N.G

Darkthrone – Under a Funeral Moon

Aura Noir – Abbadon

Dødheimsgard – Symptom

Isengard – Vinterskugge

Fenriz’ Red Planet, Nattefrost – Uskyldighet

Sarke – Viige Urh

Taake – Sverdets Vei

Aeons Unveiled – Valhall

Burzum – War

Neptune Towers – Caravans to Empire Algol

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