Playlist: Best of Deathwish Inc.

By: Ralka Skjerseth |

This playlist is a selection of Ralka Skjerseth’s personal choices of best tracks from Deathwish Inc.’s rosters. Deathwish Inc. itself is an independent record label founded by Jacob Bannon (of Converge fame) and Tre McCarthy in 2000. It has roots within the punk, hardcore, and metal communities. Their first release was a split album between Converge and Hellchild, Deeper the Wound, released in 2001. As the time went by and Deathwish started to establish themselves and work with a diverse group of band, they are eventually becoming one of the most renowned labels in aggressive music in general. The label has released a lot of notable records that have shaped the world of aggressive music. The playlist consists of both Deathwish’s current rosters and former rosters. Enjoy!


Birds in Row – 15-30

Bossk – Heliopause

Cold Cave – Pacing Around the Church

Coliseum – We Are the Water

Converge – Eagles Become Vultures

Cult Leader – Suffer Louder

Death Index – Dream Machine

Doomriders – Gone to Hell

Frameworks – Purge

Harm Wülf – Survivor Guilt

Loma Prieta – Black Square

Modern Life is War – Feels Like End Times

Oathbreaker – No Rest for the Weary

Planes Mistaken for Stars – Copper and Stars

Self Defense Family – Have You Considered Punk Music

Thou – Rats and Mice and Swarms of Lice

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