Remembering DAY6: Youth Part 2

By: Bianda Calista |

Korean superband, DAY6, are making their super comeback with their ‘Youth’ series. After making a huge hit with their single “Shoot Me” in the first Youth series, now DAY6 are going retro with their title track “Days Gone By.” Not only the looks of their music video suit the 80’s retro music style, but the sound design in their title track suits the style as well. Some people even associate their new music with the musical style used in the original soundtrack of the movie Sing Street.

This album may sound a little bit far from their first Youth sequel since in Youth part 1 the majority of their songs are more uplifting than the songs in Youth part 2. However, this album is not only focused on retro sounds – you can sense some Korean drama OST vibes in the first track “Hurt Road.” This track reminds us of their old releases such as “I Loved You” and “When You Love Someone.”

With Remember Us, the sound that DAY6 provide to us sounds like they’ve been experimenting with a lot of sound design in the making. Because we got both 80s pop and jazzy sounds with “Marathon.” And it’s a little bit surprising that “Marathon” is categorized as a gospel song, but once you hear the entire song you’d kinda wish that either Michael Buble or Jamie Cullum would sing along to this song.

If they gave us sexy tunes like “Hunt” back in 2016, in 2018 they gave us “121U” – strangely, when we read the translations of the lyrics, this song is telling the story of a boy who doesn’t want to fall in love with the wrong girl instead. Lyric wise and production wise, the whole concept of “youth” is pictured perfectly in this album. Just like in the first Youth, they also have a song for those who prefer to bang their head while listening to music; “Headache.” Which is kind of surprising since they almost sounded like All Time Low in this track, with all of those distortions and the drum set. I must say that this song might top “I Wait” musically speaking.

They even put one of the songs they specially wrote for their fans, My Days, which has been released back in September 2018 under the name “Beautiful Feeling” as the final track of this mini album.

Above all, the main issue that they decide to bring up again in this album was non other than love. It’s either about breaking up or moving on – they even talk about getting away from a toxic relationship, too.

Technically, we can see how DAY6 have been experimenting with their sound. From their first mini album to this 2018 banger they’re really proving that they’re capable of everything. Not to mention that they’ve always done a great job with the lyrics too.

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