Playlist: Introduction to Swedish Punk

By: Ralka Skjerseth |

The punk scene in Sweden first emerged in 1970s. With KSMB and Ebba Grön being some of the most renowned precursors, they sing their aspirations regarding political movements, the act of revolting, anti-establishment, and the wretched world. The influence of the British hardcore punk Discharge is also strong in the Swedish punk scene that a musical style called D-beat (also called “discore” or “kängpunk”) after whom the genre is named, was invented — with some of the most renowned bands of the style being Wolfbrigade, Totalitär, and Disfear. The punk scene in Sweden also has a subgenre called trallpunk, which is best known for fast-paced drum beats, melodic sounds, and left wing politics-oriented lyrics. Contributor Ralka Skjerseth here has compiled her personal selection of the finest tunes in the Swedish punk scene, enjoy!


Hårda Tider – Punkattityd

Fy fan – Arbetslös, inte dum i huvudet

Suis La Lune – Utter Silence is Fragile

KSMB – Polsk zchlager

Ebba Grön – Staten kapitalet

Disfear – Powerload

Wolfbrigade – Warsaw Speedwolf

Refused – Servants of Death

Totalt Jävla Mörker – Kall Värld

Moderat Likvidation – Anti Fag

Skitsystem – Apokalypsens Svarta Änglar

Driller Killer – From Out of Nowhere

Avskum – Into the Sky, Out of My Mind

De Lyckliga Kompisarna – Bara tiden är ny

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